Beepify gives your Mac foolproof protection in public places. 
Turn on Beepify and step away from your Macbook with no fear.
If someone tries to close the lid or unplug the charger, you'll get a phone notification and your Macbook will produce a (REALLY) loud sound - Just like an alarm should.

A product which can save you lots of stress, money and time. Hopefully I won't ever test this for real, but this product seems to be solving a real problem here.
F. Ivanischev

How? How? Tell me how!
How to protect a Macbook in 3 simple steps ?
  • Turn on the Beepify App
  • ​Unplug earphones (if you have any).
  • Enjoy your toilet brake. You deserve it.

This app saved my ass at school yesterday !
It’s the best investment I’ve ever made !
Paul T.

B-But How ?
How does it work and why does it work ?!
Beepify makes sure that no disruptions to your Macbook go unnoticed.
If someone closes the lid of your MacBook, or unplugs its charger, a loud
sound starts playing and you get instantly notified via Facebook Messenger
or Telegram.
It really is as simple as that.
Does it work if my MacBook is Offline ?
Yes. At least the alarm part. In order to receive the notifications on your phone, you and your MacBook must connected to internet. 
What if the theft just turn the volume down ?
It will shoot back up - INSTANTLY. 
Can I customize it ?
Yes. You can choose wether or not you want the alarm to activate based on the charging status as well as wether or not the lid is closed. You can also choose to have no Alarm at all and just receive the phone notification. 
What if someone accidentally triggers the alarm?
No need to call the police ! Accident happen. The alarm will start playing but you can disable it manually by entering your session password or by plugging the charger back in.
More questions ?
Okay but..
Let's say I change my mind and want to cancel
my Beepify subscription ?
Just send us a message at to cancel your subscription.
It takes less than a min.
What if my MacBook is getting stolen anyway ?
Usually, when the alarm is ON, 99% of the time, theft will most of the time just leave the place as fast as they can. In the other case, he's running in the city with a super loud alarm, increasing the chance of getting him arrested. 

In ALL cases, Beepify is not responsible if your MacBook is getting stolen. Read our term and policy. We are not an insurance company. Make sure to connect all your Apple devices with the same Apple ID to "Find My iPhone" (it's not only for iPhone). You can use it via web app and iOS app.
Definitely the n°1 problem when you‘re working in cafe, now solved # Loud alarm +text message on the phone, great combo!
Pierre Gilles

I have an alarm in my car, at the office and at home. 100% of my job is made on my Mac, it just make sens to protect it. Thanks to Beepify.
Robert V.

My mac got stolen last year in a coffee shop while I was talking to my friend. Robbery just happen so fast. Everytime I stop using my mac, I just activate Beepify to make sure. It’s a must have !
Emma Suffert

Loud alarm. Great to scare the sh*t out of anyone who steals your laptop. Wish it electro-shocked the person who's running away with my laptop.  Great anti-theft alarm system for my MacBook 
Raman Sanichev

Solves a real problem when working at public spaces. Love it.
Andreas Peterson

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